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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  July 30, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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good morning, washington. 6:00 is the time on this friday morning, july 30. it is: it. i am alison starling. >> i am pamela brown. great to have you with us. it is time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. we begin with adam caskey. it feels noticeably cooler dollar there. will it stick around? >> it will. perfect timing for a cold front on thursday, gets the friday off to a good start as well as the weekend. this is a look at the
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chesapeake bay. there are a few clouds moving off to the southeast. it is in the '60s the most of us. 62 and berryville. 70 in arlington. our seven-day forecast, a lot of sunshine today, limited the, 86 -- dry weather, 86 degrees. a chance of rain into monday. three brunswick lines are cancelled for now and csx is working on it. constitution avenue is closed between 18th and 15th. is 17th avenue neare independence.
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things running smoothly at new hampshire ave. alison and pamela? 6:00 on this friday. another strong and another metrorail down. a dangerous train of events after a tree toppled over. >> metro riders were trapped for hours at the silver spring metro station or nearby. courtney robinson describes what went wrong. >> as the train was going by yesterday along the red line, a tree knocked down power line, sparking a major outage between silver spring and forest glen metro stations. things are cleaned up this morning, but yesterday was a scary situation. >> there was no power or air- conditioning. i've been here since 3 something. >> frustrated and in the dark, this cell phone video shows some of the chaos inside a stockton a
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trocar with dozens of passengers -- inside a stuck metro card with dozens of passengers. >> i wanted to go home. >> a summer storm brought down a tree on to the power line. >> it was scary. >> i saw the sparkle and it happened. >> the lines came down on the northbound track and became entangled with a passing 6-car train that took out more lines. the crews brought in another train to get the passengers away from danger, which took our orders. for other commuters, the backup caused even more issues. people were confused about shuttle's. >> they did not tell us what was going on, but there are fire trucks and helicopters. they're keeping it close to the vest, but they're not letting us on the trains.
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>> along the red line this morning, we see trains running as normal. things are back in service this morning. we have crews out here. they have taken advantage of the power being out to cut away branches and other debris from the power lines so that this same issue does not happen again. alison and pamela? mandjou passengers will face another round of fare hikes starting this weekend. starting sunday using the paper farecards you will pay 25 cents more than the smartrip card users. on monday mitchell will in -- institute 20 cent peak-of-the- peak surcharges from 4:30 to 6:30 monday through friday. at the end of august they will institute a similar surcharge during the morning rush hour. another batch of severe storms rolled through our area yesterday.
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thousands of once again in the dark. some after having their power restored for only hours. mike conneen has how pepco crews are working. >> it has been a tough week for residents across our region. many of them did not have power several days, got it restored yesterday, but then they lost power again after the storm. in silver spring this neighbourhood is back on-line. but across montgomery county, pepco crews are still working around the clock. >> unbearable. >> residents are sitting in the dark and in the heat. strong storms knocked out power to tens of thousands. >> when i called pepco they kept telling me that you have power. i kept telling them i do not. >> one family in prince george's county lost their house to fire
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moments after getting their service restored. fire investigators believe something in the house had been left on and make it starts leaking gas. >> it is tolerable to watch it burn and there's nothing you can do. wexford in bethesda the extreme heat was too much for some. >> i have a bad headache. >> as the cleanup continues, frustration grows. >> i have neighbors next door with power and nobody is able to explain why i don't have it. >> 2500 homes around our region are still a valid power and most are centered in montgomery county and our son in d.c. and prince george's county. mitchell will continue working on the clock until everyone is restored. mike conneen reporting from silver spring. the funeral arrangements have been set for rockville
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civic activist. , in died tuesday from injuries he sustained when he was struck by lightning during the storms on sunday. he was known for his work in the community, including the creation of three community gardens. the service will be held at the of scott fitzgerald theatre at the rockville civic center park on saturday morning at 9:30. the fbi is investigating an accident involving an unruly passenger aboard an airplane at reagan national. the u.s. airways flight was delayed because of the storm. a passenger began making inappropriate and threatening comments. the passenger was removed from fbi flight while the sp questioned him. a prince george's county grand jury has indicted a 28- year-old santa militant in the death of trooper wesley brown gunned down, of course bill
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applebee's last month. another man, a 27-year-old ccyril williams is also charged in the murder. this weekend is the target date to permanently plug the gulf oil leak. fishery areas are being opened to fishermen as well. some are more about how quickly they will be able to make an impact. these boats could be pulling in their nets again soon. the federal government announced a major reopening of the gulf fisheries east of the mississippi. the cleanup jobs are disappearing. >> it is going to be bad. people will be out of work and all of a job. wexford 6000 people from florida to texas or working at bp's expense. with no oil near alabama or florida now, 16,000 workers jobs have disappeared. there will almost seven dozen boats involved. today, 4300. many of them operated by
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fishermen getting paid $1,500 of debt. >> as long as we have oil, nothing changes for us. >> louisiana oppose the governors of the cleanup effort will go on for years. >> what we are looking for is not just a verbal commitment, but real execution. >> the oil well that is no longer leaking could be shut down for good by next week. >> we continue to make good progress toward a static kill and the relief well. we look to be letting the casing line into the relief well later this evening. >> the beginning of the end of an oil spill now more than 100 days old. bp has paid $256 million in claims. likely to cost tens of billions of dollars. 6 zagat 9 on this friday
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morning. and i stand:, 68 degrees. -- 6:09. thousands of documents have been leaked regarding the military. you are watchinig "good military. you are watchinig "good morning washington."
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storyteller: the itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout.
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down came the rain and clogged the gutter system creating a leak in the roof. luckily, the spider recently had geico help him with homeowners insurance. water completely destroyed his swedish foam mattress. he got full replacement. and now owns the sleep number bed. his sleep number is 25. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance. happy friday morning, live in the a belfort furniture weather center in. a great view of the sun rise over the district. it is a beautiful shot. we don't have high humidity, so
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it is not hazy. we have a few scattered clouds, so it looks even better with the colors. a lot of sunshine anticipated today with comfortable conditions. it is in the '60s right now for most areas. 71 in reagan national in exception. loadability, high-temperature -- low humidity today with a high temperature of 86. moderate chance of rain this weekend. brunswick lines are canceled. metrorail is on normal service. 66 is a better ride to get to nutley street because of a flat tire. let's move on to the geico camera at university blvd.. still moving at a good pace. alison and pamela? 6:13 is the time, 69 degrees.
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microsoft has plans to rival the apple ipad. we will have a preview. >> and will check what is making headlines around our region
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welcome back. another problem for metro riders. apollo lines fell onto the tracks near the silver spring metro station during yesterday's storm. dozens of passengers was stuck on the train for hours. there were escorted onto a rescue train after crews the energized the wires. crews in our area are busy with other relatives power outages after yesterday storm. thousands of without electricity. many of them lost power after sunday's storm. they had it restored and the experience and other relatives
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after yesterday's storm. the fenty administration is asking d.c. city council to extend the use and employment program by one week. the mayor's office secure the federal stimulus money to pay for the extension. the council chairman vincent gray is not scheduled a vote on the extension yet. the scandal involving the military documents is even bigger than originally thought. thousands more classified documents are now missing. the on-line whistleblower "wikileaks" will least $92 and classified documents about the afghanistan war. defense secretary gates says a substantial number of additional documents may have been leaks as well. the big payout for citigroup to settle federal claims. and microsoft wants a bite of the apple. vinita nair has more. >> good morning, we begin with a
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big financial settlement involving a major buildup of the bank. citigroup has agreed to pay $75 million for claims it failed to disclose big investments in subprime mortgage properties. the securities and exchange commission accused the bank of hiding shady investments from shareholders while losses piled up before the 2008 bailout. citigroup did not deny or admit to the allegations. car buyers are considering gas- guzzlers' again now that car prices have leveled off. sales of big suv's were up 19% in the first half. a report shows a small car sales of 14% from a lower-than- expected. exxonmobil profits were up 91% in the second quarter. the company reported on thursday that its profits totaled $7.5 billion. the oil giant said the improving economy is increasing its refining business.
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steve ballmer says his country is working with several hardware developers trying to improve the tablet computers that use the microsoft 7 operating system. tablets with microsoft 7 are not as easy to use as the ipads and he admits apple has sold more ipads than he would like them to. college students may have a better chance to find the text text book deals. there's an act that goes into effect this month that requires colleges to release required book lists during class registration and publisher must disclose prices. students will be able to check out our mental and buyback programs. -- rental and buy back charges. and coming up on "good morning america", a powerful congressman has possibly committed ethics violations, let it will mean for democrats in the fall. time for traffic and weather. >> 67 degrees right now. i cannot remember the last time
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it was that: the morning. >> i know. by tomorrow morning we will have constable morning low temperatures down where they worked in early july or late august. it is getting better. yesterday at this time it was 80 degrees. right now it is 71 matt reagan national. i am excited. the cold front is perfect from yesterday, cooling us off on this friday. there are few clouds moving to the east. a lot of sunshine will be over us today. let's look at some rainfall totals from yesterday. mcclain, a fairfax, tilly, over an inch. alexandria picked up almost an inch.
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germantown, 0.8. in rockville, 0.7. this is a picture i snapped with myself on yesterday, a view from arlington of rockville from a thunderstorm over montgomery county. this will be posted on my facebook page. clouds of pushing off to the east. the cold front is out to sea, far above region. we are getting the benefits from it. there's a northerly wind with low humidity and temperatures down. 94 was a high temperature yesterday. 86 for today's high temperature. the same story tomorrow with cloud cover. moderate chance of rain by sunday even in the morning. constitution avenue at 17th street was closed because of a suspicious vehicle. it is safe now. newschopper 7, beautiful shot of traffic over the potomac river.
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the american legion bridge moving at speeds on both sides out of tysons to bethesda. going to the chesapeake bay bridge, things are great. have a wonderful weekend on the eastern shore. alison and pamela? 6:21 is the time. 67 degrees. coming up -- >> knowing that people appreciate what we have done is heartwarming. >> honoring the sacrifices of our nation's world war ii veterans. on "the oprah show" today, a betrail, a woman makes a shocking discovery after her husband's death, today at 4:00 on abc 7.
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1000 world war ii veterans pass away every day and many of them don't get to see if the memorial that honors their sacrifices. >> a group from wisconsin now gets the chance. >> . 80 veterans from wisconsin it was alive changing experience. >> this is something you'll never forget. >> many of them have never seen the memorial, having fought in germany, belgium, and france. >> i am so glad to be here. >> he has aged.
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the eldest son is 93 and the baby is 83. >> this is awesome. never anticipated anything of this size. i've seen pictures of it. a lot different. >> time well spent with lifelong friends. >> it is an honor to be with those guys and it's a pleasure. >> the afternoon was bittersweet. between a hero's welcome at the airport and leisurely stroll at the memorial, they remember those who died and more to those of passed since then. >> this man was a childhood friend of lang. he flew 600 miles from wisconsin in his honor. >> on afraid i might cry a little. it is an honor to do this. >> the hope is that they will never forget.
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>> they will go home at the end of the day with an intimate knowledge of how all loved and revered today are about this nation. -- revered they are by this nation. >> i took my grandfather's five years ago and he was amazed. >> it is about time they get to see that. there's another half-hour of "good morning washington". >> i am courtney robinson along the red line in silver spring, where things are running as normal this morning. that was not the case last night. what brought things to stop, we will tell you. >> pepco crews in silver spring continue working on the clock. $2,500 is still without power. details coming up.
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> once again, good morning, washington. 6:30 is the time. there's construction work possibly on the silver line outside the tysons corner. on this friday, everybody making their way into work. it is friday, july 30. i am alison starling. >> i am pamela brown. glad to have you with us. it's time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. let's go to adam caskey. >> it is cooler and more comfortable. all want to show you this picture because the birds are taking off near chesapeake beach. there are taking a flight over
6:31 am
the water. partly cloudy skies. let's go to the radar. i think we can see some of the birds taking off over chesapeake beach. interesting to see the reflected reflectivity. dew points will continue dropping down to the low to mid 50's today. 86 with sunshine and lower humidity. the same store tomorrow. some changes by sunday. 66 is low between 50 and the beltway. nothing inside the beltway near route 7. looks great across the roosevelt bridge. constitution avenue at 17th street is reopened. looking at sunshine on the beltway at university blvd.. alison and pamela? our top story, the wires
6:32 am
have been cleared from the tracks at silver spring. >> last night was a different story. dozens of passengers were trapped in the train when a series of events culminated into a commuter nightmare. courtney robinson is live at the scene with what you need to know this morning. if everybody's glad last night is open tver. we are along the red line where it happened. trains are running as normal. that was not the case last night. we have an eyewitness view. >> the snow kollar or air- conditioning. been here since 3 something. >> frustrated and in the dark. this cell phone video shows some of the chaos inside the metro card with dozens of passengers and emergency workers. >> we want to go home. >> before 4:00 yesterday during
6:33 am
the rush hour, a summer storm brought down a tree on to the power line. this man saw this holiday window. >> it was terrifying. >> abisaab esparta when it happens. >> lines came down on the northbound traffic and became entangled with a passing 6-car train that to an outdoor lines -- that took out more lines. >> it does not seem to end. >> metro was able to get things back in service around 8:30 last night. always of waiting for many writers --riders. things are back to normal this morning. they are clearing away brush to make sure this does not happen in the next storm. starting on monday you will
6:34 am
have to pay more to ride during prime times. the peak-of-the-peak fares go into effect. the pricing will be phased in. monday it will pay an extra 20 cents during the afternoon trip between 4:30 to 6:30 monday through friday. by the end of the month you will pay an extra 20 cents a morning trips between 7:30 and 9:30 a.m. severe storms yesterday have caused even more power problems across our area. thousands that were with shalit service several days have lost it again after finally getting its restored. patience is running thin for many local residents. in this silver spring neighbourhood, power is back on.
6:35 am
but across montgomery county, pepco crews continue working around the clock to get everyone back on line. if the strong afternoon storms yesterday not that power to tens of thousands across the region. some of them just got there power restored after several days. in bethesda it was too much to take for some residents and frustration is growing as more power comes on line. there are still pockets without it. >> the neighbor next door has it and we wonder why we don't have it and no one can explain why. pepco crews are still live there this morning. they have been working round the clock. the latest number we have is that about 2500 homes in our region are without power, the
6:36 am
vast majority of them in montgomery county. mike conneen reporting. in oxon hill and as is been destroyed by fire just moments after the power was restored. a neighbor spotted the flames. no one was at home. several firefighters were overcome by heat inside. the fire started within minutes of power being restored to the neighborhood. i saw something thought about the lindell after i her big pop . -- i saw something flyboats of the window after i heard a big pop. >> they believe something was on that sparked leaking gas when the power came back on. >> pennine 11 emergency call
6:37 am
center in landover has at least a dozen call takers relaying information. occasionally the system does get overwhelmed so it puts a message that puts you on hold. >> they should pull down until they get a live person. >> do you do that when your house is burning? >> it is not a perfect system. we cannot dictate when emergencies happen in prince george's county. >> having to go to the fire department to tell them your houses on fire is ridiculous. >> the public safety director says hanging up makes it worse because you lose your place in line. then the 911 call taker has to return every hangup call. he says hiring additional call takers would cost taxpayers too much. the we're learning about deaths of three more u.s. service members in afghanistan bringing the july total to least 63, making this the deadliest
6:38 am
month for american forces in this war that has lasted nine years almost. 6:37 on this friday morning, 68 degrees. a final fix to the gulf oil leak could be fast approaching. extreme steps being taken to keep the chelsea clinton letting private. we will be back with the latest on traffic and weather. you are watchinig "good morning
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i am inviting everyone to come out this weekend to the biggest asian festival in this area. >> good morning, washington. good morning, washington. 6:41 is the time. >> it feels comfortable this morning. >> it is fantastic. the cold front moved through yesterday afternoon, paving the way for a comfortable friday. the north wind behind us, ushering in an uncomfortable conditions. some clouds looking to the west. a few scattered clouds are pushing out. 71 right now at reagan national. yesterday it was close to a 80 degrees. there's a dew point of only 56
6:42 am
at reagan national. it will continue falling. a lot of sunshine with 86 degrees this afternoon. similar tomorrow, partly cloudy. adding clouds on sunday with a moderate chance of rain even into monday. brunswick trains 872, 874, and 894 have been canceled because of debris on the tracks that csx is still clearing. everything on normal service on metrorail this morning. let's look at where things are wonderful, 95, 66, 395, a brief delay is on the beltway to king street. but will look good at university blvd.. college park to greenbelt, you need sunglasses. back to you. 6:42 is the time on this friday morning, 68 degrees.
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>> coming up, moments after president obama appeared on a daytime talk show, and a publican -- a rep
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♪ storyteller: the itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout. down came the rain and clogged the gutter system creating a leak in the roof. luckily, the spider recently had geico help him with homeowners insurance. water completely destroyed his swedish foam mattress. he got full replacement. and now owns the sleep number bed. his sleep number is 25. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance.
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welcome back. our top story, another problem for metro passengers. a power lines fell onto the tracks yesterday near the silver spring station. dozens of passengers were struck -- stuck on the red line train. they were rescued later, always later. 2500 people in d.c. and
6:46 am
montgomery and prince george's counties, without electricity. many of them also lost power on sunday. the battle over immigration plays out in court. yesterday the state appealed wednesday's lower-court ruling in arizona blocking the heart of their new immigration law. protests erupted in phoenix. if dozens were arrested outside the sheriff's office. encouraging news about the effort to plug the blown-out oilwell in the gulf. the government's point man says preparations for a static kill are going so well that the procedures could begin as early as this weekend. if that involves pumping heavy mud into the oil well from the top. nearly 7000 graves at arlington national cemetery could be mismarked. last month army investigators said about 200 remains could be affected. crews are using radar to try to
6:47 am
verify the grave sites. in a heated hearing yesterday, senator claire mccaskill demanded answers. >> it is inexcusable. this is some place where heroes are buried. >> officials blame a system reliant on index cards and paper maps. they paid $8 million to computerize it all with little success. sarah palin is criticizing president obama for appearing on "the view" yesterday. she posted on twitter, "mr. obama has no time to visit the u.s.-mexico border but has time to chat on the abc daytime talk- show." she says that she plans to visit that border in the near future. the white house has not commented. the house ethics committee announced it has substantial reason to believe that congressman charles rangel has
6:48 am
violated house rules or federal laws. he has 13 separate violations that include improperly soliciting donations for a center named in his honor, not paying taxes on a house in the caribbean, improperly using or rent-stabilized apartment in new york as a campaign office, and not properly disclosing more than $600,000 in income. let's shift our focus to talk about the weather. feels pretty good today. >> very comfortable. some strong storms occurred yesterday, but that is out of your. we are reaping the benefits. -- that strong storm is a load of here. >> it was amazing how different it felt outside after the storm. >> this cold front is a little stronger than normal. so you feel it quickly.
6:49 am
it is nice. this will hang around a little while. 71 in arlington. yesterday it was 79 degrees at n national yesterday. the dew point is at 56. in frederick it is 66 and mostly sunny. the dew point is 53. even less humid father to the north of the metro area. in southern maryland it is in the '60s and low 70's. 66 in la plata. 64 in hagerstown. 64 in chevy chase. the clouds are inhibited from forming. it's going to be sunny for the most part today. for the best majority of us. the showers and thunderstorms are out over the ocean.
6:50 am
we have a lot of sunshine today expected. there will be a ripple. by sunday expect a moderate chance of rain. 86 is the high temperature today, low humidity, mostly sunny. temperatures will drop tonight into the low to mid 60's in many locations even downtown. at the blue ridge and shenandoah valley, maybe mid to upper 50s by this time tomorrow morning. a big change behind the cold front. partly cloudy on saturday, 86 with low humidity. with the disturbance, we expect added clouds on sunday. mostly cloudy. moderate chance of rain saturday night even answer through of the day on sunday. there is a lot of uncertainty with the weekend forecasts. there's a chance of storms into monday.
6:51 am
96 again by wednesday. newschopper 7 is in loudon county. there's a crash on 606 north of 50 at arcola. 606 is not a good option there. if you take the dulles greenway or the dulles toll road, that's good. 123 to the beltway on 66, nothing to report. good at the american legion bridge on the beltway. back to you. 68 degrees. back to you. 68 degrees. "good morning
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> "american idol" is looking for two new judges because ellen degeneres is leaving the show after just one season as a judge. a person familiar with the negotiations says actress and singer jennifer lopez is poised to take her spot. neither of them has commented. fox is also looking to replace simon cowell, left the show in may. i don't think anyone can replace him. >> i agree. last-minute preparations are underway for chelsea clinton's weddington morrill in
6:55 am
the town of rhinebeck, which will be under a no-fly zone in new york. she will marry marc mezvinsky during what is expected to be a lavish ceremony. few details released about it. beesident obama will not attending. a five million-dollar wedding, by the way. a washington tradition that happens every year, brides to be are camping out of sight eileen's basement for "the running of the brides." doors open at 8:00 a.m. and they go running inside to get their bargain wedding gowns at the gallery in bethesda. it is always interesting. they are feisty. >> they want that wedding gown and its no-holds-barred. >> i don't think chelsea clinton
6:56 am
had to go there for a dress. it is 6:55 on this friday morning. let's have a last look at traffic. >> looks good for the most part. steer clear of loudoun county, a crash on 606 north of 50 at arcola causing a big delay. now to adam caskey. a great day for the bride's running. a lot of sunshine. >> good job. >> does a lot of sunshine tomorrow as well if you added clouds, mid 80's, a comfortable. sunday, increasing chance of rain. monday is unsettled as well. we warm up again. 96 by wednesday with added humidity. on the beaches today and tomorrow, go right now. to get out from work early. >> a nice weekend to look
6:57 am
forward to. that does it for us. >> an update at 7:22. that does it for us. >> an update at 7:22.
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